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Metal Roofing


A popular choice for commercial buildings, metal roofs are durable and require very little maintenance over the life of the roof. Metal panels are lightweight and easy to install, and they shed snow and water easily.  Panels are applied over dense foam insulation, maintaining impressive R-values.

Metal roofs are fire, mildew, and insect-resistant and are not susceptible to rot. In some cases, metal roofing panels may be applied over an existing roof without the need for demolition or even additional structural support. A staple of the commercial roofing market, metal roofing offers design flexibility and are a great low-maintenance solution that provides high performance and adds to the aesthetics of the building.

Our on-site sheet metal shop ensures that your metal roof will be of the highest quality. We offer a wide range of colors and gauges to provide you with the ability to customize your design to meet the needs of your specific project.